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Roughly translated, "Leave it to heaven."
A large gaming corporation, that is over 100 years old. In the past highly respected by all gamers, now sometimes ridiculed.
Falsly excused of making "kiddie games" or "kid only games," when the only child like games Nintendo produces are Pokemon and possibly Kirby.
The "kiddie game" rumor started in the early 90s when Sega advertised a commerical stating their version of Mortal Kombat featured blood as opposed to the SNES version. Sega stated, "that we may make games that Ninendo won't." When actually, Acclaim (I believe) didn't decide to add blood until they remade Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis.
Sony expanded on this rumor in 1996 to trick a large majority of the public. For someone reason the public believes everything that they hear on tv, instead of doing their own research.
"That's so 8-Bit"
"Know your roots"
"Enough with the bling, bling! I perfer old skool."
All of the above refer to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
by NmainiacX September 04, 2005
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