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My Birthplace, i luv being the only black kid in this place CUZ EVRYONE IS FUCKING DOMINICAN
and everyone speaks spanish n shit so i have to go on the train so i can talk to somebody---- if there is somebaody in Wash Heights dat speaks english lemme know!!!!!

Me:Can i get a plain slice

Dominican:Galo que nosotros punani controdo casa pescado limon __(my interpretation of spanish)__

Me: fuck
by Nips October 08, 2005
When something unexpected, strange, and indescribable happens to you.
My friend's vacation got canceled at the last minute by Blackout 2003. Then he had to walk 80 blocks home and up 25 flights of stairs with a bum leg and a huge suitcase. Man did he get Leafed.
by nips August 18, 2003
Free Stuff, Free Merchandise, Free Products
When I went to the convention, the exhibitors gave out lots of "fred"!

"Hey, where did you get that? It was fred man!!"
by Nips May 11, 2005

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