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3 definitions by Ninefourtytwo

1. Chapel Hill, NC, as termed by some of it's younger denizens.

2. Any thrill one has in a chapel. Vis. sex
Person 1: Yeah, living it up in Chapel Thrill.

Person 2: Well, the ladyfriend and I had one hell of a chapel thrill...
by Ninefourtytwo October 27, 2006
The Cat's Cradle, a popular music venue in Chapel Hill, NC.
Person: So, Kick the Future were pretty bitchin' at Thecradle, yeah?
by Ninefourtytwo October 27, 2006
1. A term used by those considering themselves punk, to show that they are too hardXcore for spelling.

2. A sarcastic term for those who know little to nothing about the actual punk movement, and like to shit themselves in bars.
Person One: Wooooo! GREEN DAY UP THE PUNX!

Person Two: Well, look at the punx kiddie.
by Ninefourtytwo October 25, 2006