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Dip shit. One who is an idiot. Dip shit is offten used as a negitive name...an insult. Dip shits usually work in industries requiring them to talk to a large number of people. These include: people at the DMV, super market workers, the person behind the counter at the post office, or a taxi driver. A dip shit can also be someone that makes you want to knock yourself out with the smell of your own socks. Example: your cousin, dorm neighbor that blairs their fuckin' music all night long, or even the guy in the red Jetta that cut you off on the highway the other day.
Get the fuck away from me or I'll kick your mother-fucking ass, dip shit!
by Nimrod1 February 06, 2006
A day-time idiot brought to you by Harpo, Oprah spelled backwards! Dr. Phil, widely known for his southern speak, simple-minded advice, knack for making people cry, and bald head, can be viewed right before Oprah (The extremely famious blow hard whom gave birth to Dr. Phil's career) on NBC.
Dr.Phil's favorite hard-hitting question is "What part of you don't you understand?".
by Nimrod1 February 05, 2006
A daytime talk-show hosted by the one and only Oprah. The show can be easily summed up as a very annoying, very repetitve show talking endlessly about feelings, drug abuse, and talking to your kids about their feelings so they don't abuse drugs. Even though the show is a never ending supply of stupidity at its finest, one must admit that Oprah weelds much power in the lives of America's soccer moms.
Oprah's show, Oprah is a fine example of what happens when the a super self-important rich woman has to much time on her hands.
by Nimrod1 February 05, 2006
An adjitive meaning something is cool.
UrbanDictionary.com is super niffty.
by Nimrod1 February 05, 2006
Macism. The belief that Macs are better than PCs...all lies. As all of us computer nerds know, there has been a long-time battle between Microsoft (makers of the PC) and Apple (responsible for the Mac). And clearly Microsoft has the upper hand.
Bernardo is a firm believer in Macism.
by Nimrod1 February 08, 2006

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