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An abnormally hairy pussy.
It tickled my face to go down on her chinchilla.
by Niles Ward June 27, 2005
A mermaid's twat (a portmanteau of mermaid and vagina), and the genital of preference of mermaid-oriented furries.
Troy hopes to bang some mergina next time he goes deep sea diving.
by Niles Ward November 04, 2006
Shortened form of chinchilla; See similar pussy, vag, beef curtain
Sandy needs to shave her chinch. It's getting really hairy down there.
by Niles Ward June 27, 2005
The frothy goo that squirts out from a vagina when a woman is excited.
Every time Marsha sees Matt Damon on TV she splooms on her chair.
by niles ward December 21, 2006
Someone, usually from the suburbs, pretending to be a hipster but is too rich to pull it off. Such people are easily spotted because their "hipster" clothes are from mall stores instead of thrift shops, dumpsters and/or obscure emo band concerts.
Smelda, that slickster, isn't fooling anyone! They sell that shirt at hot topic."
by niles ward September 22, 2007
When a guy promises to pull out because he doesn't have a condom, but instead goes halfway, screams "PSYCH!", punches the girl in the face and drops his load.
Jane didn't want to get pregnant, but unfortunately her Halliburton contractor boyfriend Mike decided to go for an Iraq invasion.
by Niles Ward November 06, 2008
A shortened and derogatory word for mergina, analogous to vag.
Joe: I went down to the sea last weekend and got some sweet merg.
Tom: Mmm, I love me some tuna.
by Niles Ward November 05, 2006

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