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A more modern term for pot used among people who do not like referencing themselves as a smoker
I can not wait until i get my lips on that ice tea
by Nikoso August 10, 2006
A place divide among two cities full a sprawling wasteful suburban communities. A place with little activity and a lot of drugs. Outside of Newark, AC, and Camden police abuse rights of kids and enforce small violations constantly. A place where every movie with no plot takes place or any Miramax movie.
Garden State (the movie), Clerks, Harold and Kumar, and thousands more resemble New Jersey.
by Nikoso August 09, 2006
A place to lose money, gold, and time. WHere their as many Cash for Gold signs as slots and people on oxygen who cant walk.
Atlantic City is an example of any other Useless Ignorent Untolorable wasteland like any other dump in New Jersey
by Nikoso August 09, 2006

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