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questioning if a person really means what they say same as saying yeah right.
"I think im going to break up with him tonight"
response: "and I know it" yeah right!
by nikki February 23, 2005
Too embarrassed to orgasm!

The 2E2 Forum is a light hearted friendly atmosphere provided by the 2E2 team. There are no restrictions within the forum; all that we ask is that the replies and comments made are entertaining to others; use your imagination.
Hey have you been to www.2e2.org lately? Check it out!
by nikki June 23, 2004
a synonym for whatever.
(girl one)You smell like fish
(girl two)play me better
by Nikki December 03, 2003
when something is really kewl or hott.
You are so spevacek!
by Nikki October 30, 2003
coolest guy in the world i love him so much he is like a HOT Teddy bear waiting to be cuddled!!

Best band in the world!!!!
woman 1: who is that hot guy

ME: Thats Tre i would love to fuck him!!!
by Nikki January 17, 2005
the mature reply when a dork tries to speak slang with you out of urban ignorance.
DORK: yeah, that be tight, dawg foo yawg gangsta!

YOU: Pardon me, did you just call me a dog food gangsta?
by Nikki November 04, 2004
Big Tits
Jacs has big tits
by Nikki June 13, 2003
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