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Large caliber pistol with associated long barrel. Calibers like .375 and .44 Magnum...Dirty Harry style. Hog leg and hand cannon are synonymous.
You aint ever goin get past that boy long as hes got that hog leg on his hip and a head full'a gumption!
by Nik Danger May 28, 2008
fagemo-pronounced fag-m-o not fagEmo like the music.Think of all the ways one could use the term fag. Fagemo is interchangeable with those usages. I personally use it when I want the term to come across in a more playful manner with friends than just saying "fag". You have to get creative with these things or you become redundant.
Person 1: Hey I can't come to your party later, I'm really sorry.

Person 2: Oh its ok you shady little fagemo.
by Nik Danger August 18, 2007
laughing kinda quiet. For those of us that don't actually laugh out loud nearly as often as we find ourselves typing lol in conversations.
OMG! I have this painful rash on my private areas after that Easter morning gang bang!

LKQ, karma is visiting you ;-)
by Nik Danger April 24, 2010
an electronic pencil sharpener
person 1:
I don't ever get tired of using this here electronic whittler!
person 2:
And why would you? Its always great fun grinding trees into trash like a complete imbecile.
by Nik Danger January 05, 2011
a pile of individual craps...a shit heap, something resembling a pile of prairie dogs...you get the idea
Ole Thomas Shitt left me a pile of prairie dogs in the guest den, it took 10 minutes to clean up!
by Nik Danger September 25, 2010
this word is synonymous with taint weasel, regarding a person who enjoys exploring the nether region we call taint.
So and so is such a gouch ferret, I can barely keep her head out of my crotch long enough to have legitimate sex!
by Nik Danger April 11, 2010
An electrode consisting of at least two prongs, but usually more. Each prong is terminated with a conductive metal pin or socket used in aircraft harness connectors. With a voltage source connected all one has to do is touch prongs to taint area and an electric shock will be delivered.
Why aren't you walking properly?

Because I got hit with a handy taint zapper in my sleep, it really hurts.
by Nik Danger March 25, 2010

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