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Lowkey (Born Kareem Dennis, 23 May 1986) is a British musician, poet, playwright and political activist of English and Iraqi descent. He first came to fame through a series of mixtapes he released before he was 18.

Kareem was born in London to an Iraqi mother and an English father. From the age of twelve he began to rap, initially imitating American rappers but soon using his own accent.The first time he went he introduced himself as Lowkey and was told there was already a regular there by that name; the two had a rap battle over the use of the name which Kareem won.

His singles include;
"Tears to Laughter"
"Voices of the Voiceless" (with Immortal Technique)
"Alphabet Assassin" (with Faith SFX)
"Something Wonderful"

He raps about things that matter, not about money, drugs and ect.. He raps positive message to the listener, his lyrics are powerful and touching.
Although, he has huge amounts of talent he is underrated.
Chris : "Hey, did you listen to 'Voices Of The Voiceless' by Lowkey and Immortal Technique?"

Kevin : "Yeah man, his raps about real shit. Not about bitches, money and drugs."


Asif : "Oi, you heard of Lowkey? He's a lyrical beast man."

Matthew : "Who? No."

by Nii-Chicken February 20, 2010

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