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You are vegetarian but you live in mediterranean area and you know they have the best fish: So end up being a fish eater vegetarian.
-How can you be a vegeterian when you live in Istanbul.
-Thats why I call myself a vegeterranean cause I enjoy eating fish
by Nihan April 07, 2009
Following a cocktail diet through out the day
Whats wrong with being drunkorexic, at least you fill your body with liquid not greasy mcdonalds and taco bells
by Nihan October 15, 2008
let's watch a movie
dude, why you sitting around the house lwam
by Nihan August 13, 2009
Go on a vacation in the Bahamas and then take a boat to go to Miami
Do the Bahamia: Take the royal caribbean to visit the Bahamas during your stay in Miami.
by Nihan March 04, 2009

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