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2 definitions by Nigmuhh

(n.) The theoretical erection (boner) "Bros" get for each other when one does something "bro" that makes people suspect bros struggle with suppressed homosexuality.
1. Yo bro, I'm totally digging the way you wear that collared shirt. You're giving me such a bro-ner.

2. The smell of phoenix scented axe always gives me a raging bro-ner.
by Nigmuhh July 05, 2011
2 2
"Big Ass Titties" Large, bodacious orbitals of bliss situated on a female's magnificent frame.
Pam Anderson may not be what she used to, but I would still motorboat those B.A.Ts of hers.
by Nigmuhh July 05, 2011
1 1