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A highly conservative based middle school based in Gurnee, Illinois. A dominantly white school, which creates early racial, cultural and sexual intolerance which is visibly carried over into Warren Township Highschool as WMS is its main feeder school.
The top two recreational activities include sexual intercourse and alcohol in order to mimic their older "friends" in high school.
Nearly all of the students participate in pop culture trends, and those who choose not to, are cast out, creating further social and economic class division, and as most of them are white, even digs deeper into the racial intolerance.
The teachers have the motto of "Act like an adult", yet don't seem to understand the retrospect of it: "Be treated like an adult." Kids are treated as though they are still in 3rd grade, despite how immature the majority are, this severely cut down on those years ahead of Family Guy jokes and pop culture references.
"You came from Woodland Middle School?"
"Damn... Are you alright?"
by NighthawkBotH January 23, 2012
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