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1) Someone who doesn't believe a god exists, but does not interfere with others' beliefs.
2)An elitist faggot who attacks other's beliefs, and saying they have a right to, but will bitch when anybody attacks theirs. Almost a scientologist. Will get extremely butthurt when you say "How did the universe begin? And unexplained explosion out of nowhere". Also are extreme grammar nazis, and newfags. Most common of these type of Atheists are 13-19 year-old pot smokers who troll 4chan.
They also like writing long unrelated paragraphs, and when you say "TLDR" they rage.
First Type of Atheist:
"How did the universe begin?"
"I'm an atheist, so I don't care."

Second Type:
"How did the universe begin?"
"Hurr durr Bing Bang theory!"
"So an unexplained explosion came out of nowhere, and made gases?"
"You believe in a magic wizard man hurr durr derp"
"And that was a rebuttle how?"
"Liek where's your proof faggot?"
"Where's yours?"

*Atheist logs off*
by NiggerJew41 April 27, 2010

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