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Derived from Nietzsche's "ubermensch," uberman means one who is fantastic in all ways of life
"I am the uberman!" shouted Jack, the valedictorian basebally player as he hugged his beautiful girlfriend tightly.
by Nietzsche June 03, 2005
A fun, punchlike Japanese softdrink, comming in orange and apple flavors
Aww man, we're out of Qoo!
by Nietzsche August 10, 2003
1. A horrifying Japanese ice cream flavor that tastes like a box of Lucky Charms poured into a grinder

2. A disturbing shade of purple, with a pinkish gray tint

3. Anything that shouldn't be
President Bush loves beniimo.
by Nietzsche August 10, 2003
The Japanese word for New Jersey
Yup, smells like Okinawa
by Nietzsche August 10, 2003

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