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1. Large amounts of teenage vagina achieved within a fortnight.

2. An overwhelming amount of vaginal fluid.

(The different uses of Poonani Tsunami are to be recognized through the expression on the speakers face.)
Ex 1. I've been riding a poonani tsunami all week and I'm having a lot of fun.

Ex 2. There was a poonani tsunami and it got all in my eyes.
by Nickuhcrazy June 09, 2008
A killer who dresses as a knight and burns the letter "C" into her victims bodies as a trademark.
Watson: There seems to be a "C" burnt into the victims body, could this be the work of the Colonial murderer?

Sherlock: Brilliant deduction, Watson!
by Nickuhcrazy July 25, 2008
The common sexual fantasy of having a sexy Latino woman rub salsa all over your naked body before having sex with you.
The only reason I enrolled in Spanish class was for the moment when I am to be Salsa Fucked.
by Nickuhcrazy December 11, 2008

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