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4 definitions by Nicksta

The Ultimate In Sex Education pay this whore 5 bucks and shes yours alll night know what im saying
Hey rookie's mum heres 5 bucks
by Nicksta January 20, 2005
Kentucky Fried Rat, not Kentucky fried Chicken.
Natham:How about a KFC for tea nick??
Nick:Dont you mean KFR?
by Nicksta January 22, 2005
You are a wanker whoever this guy is deserves a fucking kick in the face TWAT
Your are an instigationmachine
by Nicksta January 24, 2005
Basically Rookie Eats Everything On The Table Or Floor In His Case
Alison:Wa u up to nick?
Nick: Nurrin much jus anging round with Rookie the buffet slayer
by Nicksta January 20, 2005