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10 definitions by Nickarossi

n. the state of nirvana achieved after accomplishing multiple p'ownage.
v. the act of repeatedly p'owning someone.
adj. a word to describe one who is on a roll at one-upmanship, to the point that everybody else folds.

Sports commentator: "Number 88, how would you describe that spectacular victory?"
Number 88: "It's all ponsones, my man...all ponsones!"

The noobs decided to call it quits when the nerdy kid started ponsonesing them at Halo 2.

Nickarossi: "Just for that minor infraction, I'm gonna get ponsones on your buttocks!"
by Nickarossi August 05, 2007
85 6
n. a persistent, irrational fear of excessively large female breasts that leads to a compelling desire to avoid them at all cost.
Chachi: Why don't you hit that chick already?
Nickarossi: I can't, dude...I've got megalomammophobia!
Chachi: Megalowhah?
Nickarossi: Megalomammophobia! Look it up, dude, it's in the DSM-IV!
by Nickarossi May 10, 2007
90 12
n. 1. a Caucasian female, usually from the Midwestern or Southern United States, who enjoys country music, line dancing, and CMT. 2. a term of endearment for a female (regardless of race)who refuses sophistication, like opting for Walmart over Saks Fifth Avenue.
syn. white meat
ant. brown leg
Nickarossi: "Check out the Daisy Mae look on her. Wotta hick chick!"
Chachi: "No shame in that!"
Nickarosi: "Touché."
by Nickarossi June 06, 2007
85 8
n. to go outside and smoke cigarettes; a euphemism that means to go outside of one's workplace(where smoking isn't allowed)and walk way beyond company property so that one could smoke.
Tim: Hey, where's everybody?
Bravo: Um, perimeter check.
Tim: Wha? Without me?
Bravo: Hey, you were busy.
by Nickarossi May 10, 2007
81 8
n. 1.an imperialistic tale about a young elephant who was taken away by a European woman who was into bestiality, only to return as a gentrified stud. He commits incest by marrying his cousin Celeste, and turs his once-rustic African village into the despotic city of Celesteville.
2. a diamond-in-the-rough young man who is groomed by an older sugar mommy to be her toy boy.
v. 1. to assume superiority on the basis of upbringing.
2. to commit a social taboo (such as incest)under the guise of introducing cultural enlightenment.
Benjamin: (showing off his new duds)"Look at me, I'm a prince!"
Mrs. Robinson: "C'mere, my Babar!"
Benjamin: What did call me?"
Mrs. Robinson: "Nothing..."
by Nickarossi May 28, 2007
100 29
n. 1. a task that is performed thoroughly. 2. total commitment 3. anything that is done completely from start to finish.
adj. 1. a well executed task. 2. a job well done.
v. 1. to commit one's self to seeing a task through. 2. to perform a task thoroughly.
(original usage credited to Dr.Quirk)
Nickarossi: "We're doing this all wrong."
Joss: "Whatever do you mean?"
Nickarossi: "Well, we've been half-assing this relationship for weeks now, when what we should be having is a full on, booth cheeks, whole-ass relationship!"
Joss: "So...you wanna have sex."
Nickarossi: "That's not what I said...but, okay!
by Nickarossi June 18, 2007
73 5
an internet cookie which is automatically implanted on your computer terminal whenever you surf a porn site. While beneficial to you if you habitually surf such sites, it becomes a problem if you don't want others to know where you've been. A very benign program, and easy to remove.
Nickarossi: "I got busted yesterday when the wife found sextracker on our computer."
Chachi: "You mulked up ho! Sextracker is so easy to get rid of!"
by Nickarossi July 02, 2007
72 11