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A Bay-Area high school, mostly normal, though predominantly white.
Pretty good academic standing, excellent drama program, and a few too many white boys who like to walk around in backwards caps, Billa-Bong sweatshirts, and too-low jeans that show off their boxers from Tommy Bahama. 'Wiggers', they're called, and refer to our fair town as the Dub-C .
Most of the school population have rich mommies and daddies, but there are some that are there for the good academics and not to cut school after fifth every day to go to Macy's. Shocking, but true.
Some creepy teachers--high on the list is that one Gov/Econ teacher that stares at you and, yes, our anatomy teacher did marry his TA like a million years ago, and one of our PE teachers--who just happens to also teach Sex-Ed--only has one testicle.
He'll tell you it's from cancer, but we all know it was from being hit during Ultimata Frisbee. Stop lying, ol' one-nut.
Most of the male teachers couch girls-sports. If you find this creepy...Well, you should.
The Quad is called the 'Ralley-Court' and Tori and Jack are still the most bitchy and popular couple in school. Hannah and Euganie are still the presidents of everything, the bathrooms are still yucky, and we all weep daily for Warren Wallace to return.
Football is the only sport that gets any attention, but most people only go on Homecoming Week.
There's Homecoming King, Queen, and court. But no Prom/Ball King, Queen, or Court.
Mr. O and Mr. Morse still hardly ever come out of their class rooms, and Ms. Blendow is still the coolest teacher on the planet.
New teachers like Mr. Kolda and Mr. Bledsoe still don't have a clue how to handle the students and are somehow called the hottest male teachers on campus.
Ms. Miller is the crazy-and-yet-still-awsome-biology teacher, and Ms. Fisher is still sometimes called Ms. Manuly and still wont take any of your crap.
Mr. Lickiss's name is still completely unfortunate and tragic. If you don't see why...Report to the Recourse room right now.
And someone really needs to tell the choir teacher to stop screaming, and also stop letting students into his car.
Students still escape to Whole Foods daily, and manage to get off campus to go put money in the meters.
Senior Project completely sucks but is still easily BS-ed, and it's still impossible to get to class on time when your lockers in the 200 or 600 wing.
One Librarian will always rock, while the other will be completely evil.
he PTA and Boosters (not to mention the Cheerleader-Moms) are still crazy and blood-thirsty. Stay far away from them, and their talentless off-spring.
Beautiful roses that the custodians will cut your arm off for trying to pick.
Most custodians are snaggle-toothed and cool. Tom is Satan. Even he knows this.
Preppies hang out in the Rally Court. Punk/Metal-Heads hang out on the walls near the 'Cafe, and it's usually only the poser lower-classmen that cause any hell. Most upper-classmen know when to step on them.
Underclassmen nerds and spazes and wannabe's hang out in the corridors. Some eat in classrooms, but that doesn't always mean they're absolute losers. The really cool ones hang in the art rooms, or in Japanese class with Shriber. Though, be cautious, as they can sometimes be annoyingly Emo.
The 'Senior Lawn' is no longer the Senior Lawn as all manor of loud students eat over there. Some rock, some suck, and some just throw around a Frisbee and mind their own business, and some are called the 'Drama-Croud' as the lawn is right next to the theater.
Some preppy boys pull out lawn chairs to eat on the grass next to the Rally Court. It's sooo a Cali school.
No, none of them surf to school, you freaks.
If you're a student and you totally screw up, they'll send you to Dell-Orrow. Or Northgate , which is a prison.
'Senioritis' is alive even in the Juniors, and 'Dead-Week' did exist, but new teachers insist on trying to teach new material right before finals. Stop doing that, you clueless newbs.
More or less, a normal American High-School with mostly preps, a few righteous, artsy-talenters, little diversity and lots of dysfunction.
They're cool because they're part of their down-town mall, but really need to lay off the crack.
Girl one: I'm gonna hit Jamba Juice during brunch, you want me to get you anything?

Girl two: What if you get caught?

Girl one: Are you kidding me? This is Las Lomas High School. I could go to Jamba, Starbucks, and grab lunch from Safeway and still be back before the bell rings.
by NickaBee February 24, 2006

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