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A Megadeth song connecting nearly Megadeth hit in only 4 minutes 27 seconds with a kick ass guitar solo to boot. Songs mentioned include Hangar 18, Lucretia, Skin O' My Teeth and Tornado of Souls (Among plenty of others). Upon hearing this gem off the Youthanasia album, one might suffer from a combination of the following: Carpal Tunnel (You got in a fight with an air guitar and lost. Miserably.) Whiplash (Headbanged too hard... it happens to the best of us) and random bruises on your posterior and face (This track kicked your ass while beating you senseless with nostalgia of mosh pits past)
G- Dude, check this shit out.

N- The fuck is this?
G- Victory
N- Well, that explains why it's full of epic win
by NickTwix October 14, 2011

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