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1 definition by Nick2007

An HBO television franchise premised on the lifestyle of a newly established A-list Celebrity and his lifelong friends from Queens, New York. Unfortunately, the storyline of each episode mostly revolves around monetary-gratifying activities and situations not really stimulating any original insight into the life of fame and filmmaking.
A typical sort of uninspiring, unmeditative, ''entertaining'' scene on the show:

Ext. Pool Patio - Hotel Resort
Rap music in the air. Young Cocktail Waitresses servicing drinks, generic vactioners all getting along with footlong smiles. Blonde Model 1 rushes to catch a beach ball and splashes into the pool by accident, a shrill scream of delight as the excess water lands on Turtle who is spread out on a deck chair with the rest of the entourage.

F**** baby, watch the shirt. Look at this, brand new Sean Jean.

I didn't know they sold Sean John at Ross Turtle.

They sell this at Ross too, bitch ?

Turtle raises arm, a shining diamond studded rolex shines on his wrist. Nobody looks up from their carefree laying-suntanning position. A woman in a skimpy buisness outfit walks up to Vince.

Mr. Chase on behalf of the Standart Hotel I'd like to give you these Spa passes, good for a session with anyone of our expert massage therapists...

A line of attractive females in Bikinis line up. ETC.

When Vince makes an independent film set in Queens , we never see any critical parts of it because although the series can re-create fake clips of Blockbusters candy like " Aquaman " , making a believable endearing work of art is beyond the show's conceptional techniques.

Entourage gives edification to the Hollywood of Entertainment Tonight or E!, not from a standard of aesthetic realism.
by Nick2007 December 10, 2006
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