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4 definitions by Nick varas

when you shit your pants and a fairy comes out your ass
good god charles that was a nasty poo winkle
by Nick Varas November 24, 2004
18 9
when you take a shit and it comes to life due to radioactive waste in your bum bum
last night kenny was killed by his own shit globber
by Nick Varas November 24, 2004
9 4
when one has sex with a whale be it a human or sea dweller
i was blasting tidal waves all night!!!

dougie and his boyfriend were making tidal waves so big, that he almost drowned the entire eastern united states.
by Nick varas December 21, 2004
7 8
a man who deserves to die in a pool of shit stained pink
my god craig is a fucking nooblit
by Nick Varas November 24, 2004
8 10