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Someone who is such a cunt that they have reached the rank of Colonel in the cunt brigade.
Your a fucking cunt master colonel!
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
A sexual procedure in which a male and female couple partake. The first step is for the male to defecate in the female's vagina, next the couple join together in sexual intercourse. A close relative of the Cleavland Steamer.
Don't make the same mistake as your father. When you go to Montgomery don't buy $20 hookers. They have fallen victim to the Alabama Hot Pocket.
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
The part of an uncircumcised penis that is located just on the underside of the head.
She sucked at giving head, she didn't even mind my man clit.
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
When your hand smells like hamburger for hours after eating fast food.
We went to Jack in the Box, and now I got mad hamburger hand.
by Nick Ozlo December 12, 2007
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