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Like Monet's paintings...Looks good from afar - but far from good close up
"See that girl over there - she's a right Monet"
by Nick B March 07, 2003
like when a small child doesnt get what he wants....except a full grown man. When your bottom lip folds over simular to the puppy dog face except not as convincing. Much more pathetic.
"hey can you install this radio into a bmw?" -response- "I dont want to do that for nothing" -followed by- booboolip
by NICK B October 08, 2004
boo boo lip another example
you got windshield washer fluid in my fucking eye!! followed by-booboolip
by NICK B October 11, 2004
The "HillBanian" is a cross bread, Half Hillbilly half Albanian. Most commonly found Driving Tractor trailer eating baklava. The HillBanian is mainly kind by nature but if crossed or provoked will swear at you in what seems to be it's native Albanian throaty noise like gibberish. The HillBanian also enjoys Nascar, Sun flower seeds and Doma.
That Hillbanian really knows how to drive a truck
by NICK B June 08, 2014
A landbased bipedal mamal whose mode of transportation is typically a bicycle as it is phrobited from driving an automobile.
"Mommy, why is that man riding his bicycle in the middle of traffic?" "It's ok honey, he's a yount, he has to."
by NICK B October 09, 2004
when you can calculate specific sizes and shapes with only using your eyes, like speaker holes, centering picture ect.....
I need to cut this hole out for this 12 inc subwoofer, i will just use my eyeometer
by NICK B October 08, 2004
The mushroom emoji means 'what the f**k' in a humorous manner.
Guy friend: I ate my mom's cookies last night, and they were sooo good.
You: 🍄
by Nick b February 02, 2015

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