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2004 Mitsubishi Colt

First up, news that Mitsubishi will be scrapping, or rather 'upgrading', its ageing Mirage to the recently revealed 2003 Colt, will likely see the carmaker's small car sales possibly double in the local market.
Home made pipe extender, smashed window, three cylinders yeah it goes reaaal slow!!!
by Nick (classic) Jones October 16, 2003
Street Freestyle Krew - Hip Hop Band
Sfk, Roon's Rhapsody and Dope Song Rip
by Nick (classic) Jones September 14, 2003
The new drug on the street or living room, depends on how rich the person is, like if they bought it from a shop for money or did the rich and stole it.
When you look at the tv screen and hear the richness it will fuck you up like a drug, but in most cases its permanent! Remember everyones addicted. Once Lannox hits your head, theres no more need to be dead!
by Nick (classic) Jones February 09, 2004
When one of your eyes slides sideways and the other stays put.
When one of your eyes decides to go live out west - cletus mackellbush
by Nick (classic) Jones June 03, 2004
travis and glens favorite brand.
also see camira and mitsubishi koltpossibly even rolly hes pretty rich!
"chek out my new t.v its an LG" -travis
"no its not travis it says lannox" - glen
"oh well there still a good brand!" trav
by Nick (Classic) Jones October 16, 2003
innovator of the moot lip
traun aka troon aka bernum bernum has a moot lip
at birth both lips are fused together, doctors sergically remove the top lip making it look real rich... looks like a real loose moot!
by Nick (Classic) Jones October 21, 2003
When you jump up and click your feet together
(when nick hacked the computer)
Ohh Yew That Deserves a HUCKEL
by nick (classic) jones October 20, 2003
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