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MALE FORM:A penis which is so small that it could be mistaken for a clitoris if the sac weren't underneath it.

FEMALE FORM: A clitoris that is either overly large naturally or has been altered by years of abuse to the point that it takes on the look of an adolescent penis.
MALE FORM: "Wow that's a clit dick."

FEMALE FORM: "Wow that's a clit dick." LOL
by Nicholas Tetrault April 21, 2007
A term for pouting about something said to you.

Another slang variation for taking something personally or "to the butt" as some call it.
"All I said was you were a sucky player. You don't have to be taking it south like that."
by Nicholas Tetrault April 23, 2007
A term for someone taking something overly personal or pouting about a comment made toward them.

Usually used when friends or coworkers are playfully insulting eachother and one of them takes an insult personally.
"Oh, you wanted to talk shit, now you're mad at my comebacks? You don't have to take it to the butt though."
by Nicholas Tetrault April 23, 2007
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