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Adj. To be naive in such a way that one posts too much personal information and/or too many personal pictures over the Internet, esp. one who uploads bootilicious, potentially career-compromising pictures or videos of him- or herself onto the Internet.
These interwebalicious noobs put sexy clubbing pics on their MySpace profiles as if their boss isn't googling them and the newspaper isn't going to print them when they get arrested.
by Newspaperer February 29, 2008
A Mexican-American journalist holiday, esp. a said journalist's birthday.
Ex: I need to get my Mexican-American journalist friend a gift for Treso de Marcho.
by Newspaperer March 02, 2008
Noun. The mayor of Arlington, Oregon who was launched to fame for being recalled after a relative posted interwebalicious pictures of her in undies to MySpace.
If Mayor Carmen hadn't posted those hot, interwebalicious pics maybe she'd still have a job.
by Newspaperer March 01, 2008

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