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The remaints of a good birthday. Tons of wrapping paper, ribbons and presents scattered all over a table or the ground.
Mom: Son!!!!! Clean up your birthday mess!!

Son: In a minute!
by NewWords007 September 12, 2010
This is a loud noise that happens when there are explosions, and maybe even a gun fire. Explosions happen all the time, but if you listen closely you might actually the sound, Sha-blam-a-lammmmmm.
The police officer took out his gun, then, SHABLAMALAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by NewWords007 September 10, 2010
Puss is a gross word and has a gross meaning. It oozes out of your body and eats all of your meatballs! Highly dangerous.
Ew, is that some puss? HIDE MY MEATBALLZ!
by NewWords007 October 25, 2010
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