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More brutal than crack
Jake: I just killed fifteen people with an axe.
Old Jim: That's as brutal as crack.

Harry: I just killed twenty-nine pre-school kids with a bulldozer and some dynamite.
Old Jim: Now that's brutecrack.
by NewSlacksMan April 21, 2009
pronounciation: muh-fuh-kunt-z

That real brutecrack slur for mother-fuckin cunts. Used to describe an unfortunate situation or an annoying group of females. Also a great scrabble word.
Mfcuntz! I just pissed my pants!

Look at that group of mfcuntz over thar, whisperin an shit

M-F-C-U-N-T-Z, mfcuntz. Thats 185 points for me. Scrabble is awesome.
by NewSlacksMan April 20, 2009
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