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The motto of the United States Marine Corps. It means 'Always Faithful' in Latin. This rings very true because United States Marines are the most patriotic, as well as the bravest and selfless members of the United States Armed Forces. They are, in truth, always faithful.
Tommy: Hey, LJ, aren't you an ex-Marine?
LJ: No such thing as an ex-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Tommy: Semper Fi, Marine.
by NevadaCharlieIndiaSierra November 06, 2010
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, some of the best federal agents out there. People often assume that everything NCIS is related to the show-it's a good show, folks-but the actual agency does exist. They solve crimes and handle criminal matters related to the United States Navy and Marine Corps. They employ special agents, lawyers, forensic scientists and computer technicians, to name a few of the people that work for the NCIS.
Maddie: I just graduated from FLETC and I am now on my way to becoming an NCIS agent.
Dave: Oh, like in the TV show?
Maddie: No, as in a federal agent who solves crimes concerning the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
by NevadaCharlieIndiaSierra November 06, 2010
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