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5 definitions by NephthysScream

When a woman inserts a large zucchini into her vagina while the unsuspecting zucchini is simultaniously hollowed out and fucked by a vegetable sex crazy man.
Me: "Keith, how come there are no vegetables in this salad?"

Keith: "Jasmine and I used them all up in a vegetable connection this afternoon."

Me: "So where are the leftovers?...asshole!"
by NephthysScream July 13, 2010
A name given to a butterface that requires additional paper protection. Derived from the 20lb bags procured at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
Me: "Hey did you see that busted bitch with the huge titties?"

Tim: "Yea, You should totally bulwark that bitch!"

Me: "Word."
by NephthysScream July 13, 2010
Going down on a really hairy girl during the heaviest flow of her period.
Me: "Timmy, why is your face all red?"
Timmy: "Cuz I woke up to some red steel wool this morning... asshole."
by NephthysScream July 11, 2010
The act of filling someones vagina with a milkshake from Friendly's, then ejaculating in said vagina, then dribbling the contents of the vagina into a glass and drinking it.
I had to call out of work after getting sick from drinking an unsanitized fribble dribble last night.
by NephthysScream July 11, 2010
An interratial gangbang in the woods with a pine cone.
The girl was very sore after receiving a trail mix crunch and was picking pine cone fragments out of her ass for several days.
by NephthysScream July 11, 2010