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The period of time in a woman's life immediately before menopause in which she feels the uncontrollable to urge to produce offspring. All rules on quality control when selecting males to assist in this task are thrown out the window, resulting in very poor choices of mates.
"All my friends are married and have kids, why don't I? I'm becoming an old maid. Menopanic attack!"

"Hey babe, I'm a drunk tattoo artist artist who plays drums for a death metal band and lives in my mother's garage."

"You're perfect! Let's make babies!"
by NephilimNexus March 05, 2009
A person who always uses "leet speak" in their writing not because they think it makes them look cool but rather because it's the only way they know how to communicate. Lacking the most basic knowledge of Elementary school English they apparently learned this strange sort of strange phonetic based pseudo-language entirely from each other instead to make up for having so much as a 3rd grade education.
"h0w r u doin 2day m8?"

"I was fine until some leetard sent me a text message that reminded me of the appalling state of our failing education system."


by NephilimNexus March 05, 2009
(verb): To shop at Whole Foods while being in complete ignorance of the fact that their CEO is an avatar of right-wing, pro-corporate capitalist exploitation at it's finest who created the chain specifically to rip off overly wealthy left-wing liberals who are into the idea of organic food as part of their lifestyle.

(noun): "Whole Fool" - A person who is Whole Fooled. Derogatory.
Jeannie loves shopping at Whole Foods because she's been Whole Fooled.
by NephilimNexus March 16, 2009
A hard metallic alloy that was invented in the late 1980's by musical pop-star Adam Ant.

It is often melted down and applied as a type of hair mousse amongst image conscious musicians to produce a "big hair" look that is not only functional but is also completely resistant to moisture, heat, radiation, acid, hurricane force winds and small arms fire.
Hey Rogue, how do you get your hair to do that?

I put adamantium in it.
by NephilimNexus March 08, 2009
The more modern vernacular of the archaic term "junk mail."

In the distant days of yore, scam artists and their corporate brethren would physically print their spam on a substance known as "paper" and placed inside of things called "envelopes," which were then physically moved by something called "the post office" directly to people's homes. From there these "envelopes" would go directly from a small metal box located just outside the residence and into the nearest garbage can.

It is rumored that some primitive societies and failing companies still attempt to use this antiquated method of spamming people with their scams to this very day.
"Oh look, mom sent me a birthday card. It was mixed in with all the analog spam."
by NephilimNexus January 27, 2015

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