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On the 20th of October, 2012, frisks was permanently silenced on www.neopets.com as a result of corruption in the world of Neopia. The Neopets team believes in a dictatorship labelled as a democracy, and their activities reflect much of the political activity between Romney and Obama in America. Frisks, also known as Ariel, has some amazing tattoos and piercings and is a cool ACer. She believes in getting Neopet tattoos, and hopes for a yellow Blumaroo on her knee some time in the future.
Person 1: Did you know that frisks has four hearts?
by Neopetszor October 20, 2012
Thesundims was frozen on the 11/28/11, thus making the account, 112811. He now goes under a secret username, meritable. He was known to own MSPP (TCG) and a few other items but he was accused of cheating and was frozen. He was once well known on the AC and likes using the *altador* emoticon. Nowadays, he plays MapleStory and hopes that his account won't get purged by TNT until it is unfrozen.
Person 1: The sun is dimming.
Person 2: LOL JOKES, the sun is already frozen.

Person 1: Who was voted for most likely to die in front of his computer?
Person 2: thesundims
by Neopetszor October 19, 2012

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