3 definitions by NeoLobster

Being baked but not showing signs of it
A: You don't look very baked?
B: I'm Stealth Baked
A: What's that?
B: I'm ripped out of mind, but I am not showing signs of it.
by NeoLobster August 08, 2010
Being second hand high off of marijuana
Oh dude, you're gonna get so Second Baked off this ounce I just picked up
by NeoLobster August 23, 2010
This term is applied when playing first-person shooter video games, such as Halo, Call of Duty, or another top selling video game title, more specifically Call of Duty.

When someone is using a sniper rifle, and takes longer than approximately 1 second looking down the scope AND holds there breath.

Looking down your scope without holding your breath is perfectly acceptable.
A: WTF! Nice hardscope
C: I had too.
by NeoLobster March 17, 2010

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