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Used to prod midgets out of your way. Usually telescopic in design for greater distance. At full length, can be swung like a bat to provide more clearance at 2-3 midgets in one fowl swoop.
"That guy has the longest midget shaster I've seen."


"He had such a long midget shaster he couldn't keep it in his pants."
by Nelson76 June 22, 2005
At the point where a steam roller crushes a persons legs to the hip. The steam that is applied to the rolling apperatis that comes into contact with the pavement and prevents pavement bonding to the apperatis sears the humans bipodals which tends to create a distinct smell which is usually refered to as smelling like bacon. This term is refered to as Bacon Legs.
Looker-onner # 1 -
"That taxi driver's flattened legs sure had the arroma of some fine bacon legs."

Looker-onner # 2 -
"It was so arrousing, yet I lust for a BLT samich."
by Nelson76 November 01, 2006
A clown with a camer,usually Kodak, that takes pictures like he/she has terets. Can usually be spotted in chinese supermarkets and other areas that asians are located. Can usually be eliminated with on good brick to the back of the head.
"That Kodak Clown is takin some snap shots of his anus."


"The Kodak Clown stalks its unaware tourists, wait...the tourists spotted him and the chase is on..."
by Nelson76 June 22, 2005
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