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The most badass and handsome dude ever born. He can tear a phonebook in half with his eyelids and has an anaconda in his pants.
"When my girlfriend passed out Dave slopped his massive dong on her lips. And she loved it."

"My mom tried to blow Dave but when she pulled his pants down his dick was actually a shotgun and blew her head off. Now my mom is dead"
by Nekrobutcher March 13, 2012
Often used as a term to describe a building inhabited by ghosts but is also a way to describe a scuzzy ass hoe who has yellow sludge dripping from her cunt.

"I slipped on that yellow sludge on the floor and now I have back problems. That's the last time I invite Ashley to my house, She's mad Haunted."
by Nekrobutcher March 13, 2012

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