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Heanaya (He-na-ya) meaning PRINCESS in a native south american language (Scorpio) from Ecuador.

Royalty in that specific empire (who are technically considered Incas, but are actually their own empire within the Incan empire) ---> were called Heanaya (princess) or Hidai (Prince).

But now a days, it is mostly use as a term of endearment within the many people that still speak that language (Scorpio), such as myself and my fiancée (and obviously our family).

Heanaya, my love, would you please come here one momment ?

Did you know that her fiancée is a direct descendant from the last Hidai before monarchy was overthrown?

My Hidai, what do you want your Heanaya to make for super tonight?

by Neissa.de.Vallenco March 03, 2009

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