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Using the springiness of the bed during sex to increase the speed of intercourse.

The woman is usually on the bottom for this maneuver, face up or face down, while the man grabs the woman’s hips and forcefully pushes and pulls her into and from the bed. Timing is such that the man makes use of the compression of the springs in the bed so as to launch the woman’s pelvis or buttocks into his for maximum speed and impact. This process is repeated as fast as humanly possible.
"I love pounding the pussy, so I bedbounced her."
by Neil2me October 09, 2011
When a man runs at a naked girl, with her pelvis tilted upwards, while holding his penis in one hand and successfully penitrates her vagina upon impact.
"Yeah, we tried a lot of wild things, even a boxplant. She liked it."
by Neil2me October 09, 2011

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