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Pronunciation: tunuk
Function: noun

TNUC is a super secret term for cunt. A TNUC is usually really annoying women. Most bitches fall in this category.
Can you believe that tnuc?
I certainly can. She is always slutting.
by Neil Mik May 21, 2009
flaming flatuents that scorch the earth (not like solar lighting)
OMG! The S.S. Sordo crop circled all over this area causing mass destruction, confusion and nausea.

Alert Everyone!
by Neil Mik May 21, 2009
Pronunciation: kloip
Function: abbreviation

CLOYP stands for Crusting Lesions On Your Penis. CLOYP can be caused by any of various diseases or infections (as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital herpes) that are usually transmitted by direct sexual contact
M.C: OMG! You got the CLOYP.
S.S: Yea, I know.
M.C: What are you gonna do?
S.S: I dunno. Can you help me take off some of the crust?
M.C: No, no I can't.
S.S.: Are we still on for the brown chicken brown cow (sexual relations)?
M.C: Yea of course!
by Neil Mik May 20, 2009
When a woman is kicked in the crotch and suffers from mass egg confusion and damage as a result. Many women have reported having malooly and/or re re children.
I kicked that hoebag and she got scrambled eggs.
by Neil Mik January 26, 2009
A prolific womanizer that has an on and off genital herpes problem. Many blisters are on and around the genitals mostly appearing near the rectum. This man may be identified by the herpes alone. Sometimes at twilight you can hear the WALLET call.
M.C.: OMG! Did you hear that?

L.P.: Don't be scared. It's just the wallet call of the S.S. Sore dick.
by Neil Mik May 21, 2009

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