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Created by a Minecraft player named Lobbey. The term is to describe something already shitty in general and turn it into something else (most likely more shitty or maybe even better). This is not an actual spice.
Yo nigga, i took some of them moves from that K-Pop shit and added some Lobbey Spice and made that shit look even better.
by Negus February 12, 2013
A really rachet black kid, he likes to swear constantly and uses the phrase, "NIGGA IM BLACK" all the time especially as an excuse, a Darius also has the tendency to be overly aggressive toward things that do not matter. He also likes to convey stereotypes of African Americans.
Person 1: Hey Darius! What's going on? Can I have my pencil back?

Darius: NIGGA IM BLACK! You ain't gettin' no fuckin' pencil from me bitch ass hoe!

Person 1: Alright! Fuck, stop being an asshole.
by Negus February 28, 2013

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