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(MASS-iv KORE-o-nair-ee) noun. A Jewish heart attack
Rose: Oy Gevalt! Sylvia, have you heard the news?
Sylvia: Nu?
Rose: Eugene had a massive coronary today.
Sylvia: Thank G-d it wasn't a goyish heart attack.
by Nedd Ludd September 20, 2005
(FREE-kwent FLY-er) noun. someone who wants a discount or freebie because they purchase controlled substances from the same supplier on a regular basis
Sue: Hey, I want to buy another teener today. Could I have a discount as I am a frequent flier?

Sue: Since I am a frequent flier can I get this at half price?
by Nedd Ludd August 22, 2005
(GLOW-bowl KAHM-unz) noun. natural resources (such as pure water and clean air) that should be provided for everyone free of charge, regardless of socioeconomic status for they belong, worldwide, to everyone- EQUALLY!
sane person: "If Suez, the conglomerate that fucked up Atlanta's water and sewer system, hooks up with Omni-tems and the neo cons the global commons is truly in jeopardy."
another sane person: "They would like nothing better than the privatization of everything.
sane person: "Yeah, the next thing you know they will be selling us air!"
another sane person: "Well, it's like Lenin said, 'The decline of capitalism leads to fascism.'"
by Nedd Ludd September 30, 2005
adj. used to describe a state of being of a person, place or thing
example 1:
Michael: Sue, what's wrong with you? You look like shit today.
Sue: I wuz up all weekend. Now I'm totally shot.

example 2:
You wouldn't have liked New Orleans, and now, after Hurricane Katrina it's shot. You'll never be able to see it for yourself.

example 3:
Sue: Hey, is there any shit left in that bag?
Maryann: No fuck-nose you did it all, it's shot.
by Nedd Ludd September 12, 2005
(DIR-tee katch) n. having your pee test at the methadone clinic come back with narcotics in it resulting in a reduction of one's take home doses
Sue: "For fuck sake Maryann. I thought that you gave me a clean catch in that last Elmer's Glue bottle."
Maryann: "Shit Sue! I'm sorry. What happened?"
Sue: "That bitch at the clinic said I had a dirty catch. Now they are gonna cut back on my take home doses."
Maryann: "Well, you are the one who wanted to get high with me, remember?"
by Nedd Ludd September 30, 2005
1337 (THURE-teen thur-tee-SEV-en)n. 1:37PM military time
Ted: "Tod, what time do you have to leave for your appointment?"
Tod: "What time is it now Ted?"
Ted: "Why Tod, It's exactly 1337!"
Tod: "Oh shit, I'm gonna be late."
by Nedd Ludd October 03, 2005
(SIR-cut gurl) noun. any gay man, although often butch in appearance is actually a screaming queen, that makes the rounds of the circuit party scene.
Ted: Euwww girl! Look a you! Where do you think your going? Is the circus in town?
Tod: Weelll miss, I'm going to the party at the Troc then to the End Up.
Ted: Oh Puleeze Miss Thing! Stawp it! Who are you tryin' ta fool in that get up? Everyone KNOWS you're just a big ol' queen.
Tod: Yeah, well maybe I'll meet a nice top.
Ted: Right! You're nothin' but a circuit girl.
Tod: So?
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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