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A Girl Gamer is a Girl that plays as much videogames as a Gamer.

While most people believe Girl Gamer = 'not good looking' as being not that good looking this is more a stereotype than anything else, and more or less a value judgement.

Also note that Girl Gamers are not just videogames, but any type, whether they be board, Pen & Paper RPGs, or Collectible Card Games

Girl Gamer's are a rare species, and those that do exist are hunted to extinction by the Guy Gamers.
Here we see the Girl Gamer in one of her natural habitat, an internet cafe playing a rousing round of Team Fortress 2. We see the male of the species sit next to her starting up TF2, clearly trying to gain her attention.

Male Gamer: "So are you seeing anyone?"
by Necronner June 02, 2008
A person who does not believe in government, and will actively protest (in their case see riot/vandalize). Characteristics is wearing mostly black, optional baseball cap, with a black mask covering (official term unkown to poster, looks like a skimask without a mouth hole) and is versed in taking their black t-shirts and improvising a mask as well. Pants are usually made by dickies (Reason: very supportive of unions)

Victims in thier vandalism are usually businesses, but will go after a Starbuck's like flies to honey. Also known to be very persuasive in sharing their belief, accept or get the crap beat out of you.

Easy way to handle an anarchist put a sign in front of the local police station covering the police logo that says "Starbucks served here" and watch the fun begin.
Anarchist at a rally: We need to get rid of the government and capitalism! Wait, my cellphone is going off... hello? oh Mike! yeah sure I'll meet you at dickies to get knew jeans!"
by Necronner September 21, 2007

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