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3 definitions by Necro-File

A baked apple is a pipe (used for marijuana) made from an apple.
I made a baked apple because I forgot my bong at home.
by Necro-File March 20, 2005
20 9
The act of rubbing your dick, preferably when dirty, over an item, preferably food, that does not belong to you when the rightful owner isn't looking.

Ideally, after the act of dirty dicking someone's food, you wait for the unsuspecting victim to eat said food.
I was dirty dicking Caleb's burritos he left in the microwave earlier, hopefully he'll eat them.
by Necro-File January 08, 2006
13 8
Racist term to define a half black, half mexican by combining the words beaner and nigger.
"You know that black guy, Juan? He's a bigger."
by Necro-File March 26, 2005
9 31