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Off putting upper lip hair on a female, generally used with otherwise attrative females since who cares if they're ugly anyway.
"Dude, she's pretty hot except she's kind of got a chickstache."
by Nayrb February 20, 2006
a line graph that stays relatively flat for most of its length then spikes upward abruptly near its end: first used to describe the controversial global warming graph associated with climategate.
If you look at this graph closely, it forms a good hockey stick.

This US debt graph is a real hockey stick.

The world population growth chart sure looks like a big hockey stick.
by nayrb January 21, 2013
An Indo-European loan word for tongue; it is rarely ever used in standard English or informal street lingo except as a name for several linguistics organizations.
The dongu society of Europe wants to revive PIE. That sounds tasty, but not practical.
Why dost thou speak in archaic dongues? Dost thou not wish to be understood?
by nayrb May 04, 2013

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