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2 definitions by Nation Man

A fine institution ranked best in the world for its superior strength in the academic, athletic and extra-curricular fields. In addition to the handsome student body the institution must also retain an endowment estimated to rival the spending budget of some countries.
There are no Roxbury Latins in Belmont, particularly not anywhere near 350 prospect st.
by Nation Man September 11, 2006
adjective: Having faggy or homosexual tendencies

verb: to engage in acts of faggotry and homosexuality.

verb: To engage in incredibly absurd levels of rampant gay sex.

noun: a fag; a french man; a belmont hill student
Is that french belmont hill student obee because i would think that the double fagginess would result in straightness but apparently it just exponentiates but because they are both an infinate amount of faggyness...who cares. The gay man is obee.

The belmont hill students were obeeing the old french men.

Belmont Hill teachers teach their students to obee well with group sessions to perfect their style.

Belmont Hill, france and a gay bar are filled with so many obees.
by Nation Man September 11, 2006