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1. Any system of thinking which flies in the face of reason and common sense; unfairness in the guise of fairness; hypocricy.

2. Pointless rules, which, if taken to their logical extremes, are quite obviously fucked-up.

3. Basically the same thing as "Bent-Penis Math Equations."
So by your bullshit logic, if two people were shooting at each other and I was shot, I'd be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
The organized-crime syndicate secretly controlling the Underpants Gnomes. Secretly plots world domination, possibly with the help of the Crab People.
Phase 1: Steal underpants.

Phase 2: Unknown, but thought to be something along the lines of re-selling the underpants on the Japanese black market (which seems to, for whatever reason, have a huge demand used underpants), re-investing profits in the translation and distribution of hentai in America and eventually the rest of the world, thus driving the normal porn industry (and the desire to see non-anime boobies) into near-extinction, as well as creating a dwindling in the human population, thus eliminating humanity's only defense against the Underpants Gnomes (non-anime boobies). After this, continue stealing underpants, eventually achieving a complete underpants monopoly.

Phase 3: Profit!
by Natepalm October 28, 2003
To stare at someone in a creepy, sexual way, usually for several minutes without blinking or stopping when the person being eye-humped realizes he/she is being mentally undressed (and doesn't even want to think what else) by the eye-humper. If done right, very unnerving.
"Elmo likes to eye-hump you!"
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
1. A character in Home Movies.
2. A drunken loser who strikes out with women, thinks he's hot shit, and coaches some sport at school, usually while hung over or after his dealer/bookie breaks one of his legs.
3. Drunken Dave
"Hey, did you see Coach McGurk today?"

"Yeah, he came hobbling into school about an hour late and kept his sunglasses on all class."
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
1. A short-ass kid, sometimes an Underpants Gnome, who is obsessed with Insane Clown Pussies and won't shut up about being "down with the clown."
2. Annoying as fuck.
"Oh great, here comes the ICP Gnome."
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
To ruin a phrase, band, etc. through overuse or chronic misuse. Can also be ruined by a certain person or group using it (Ex. an Ex-girlfriend, posers), or unintentionally mangled (Ex. a friend who can't do a good Mr. Mackey impression to save his life, but insists on doing it over and over because he thinks he's great at it). Sadly, anything can be Brondonized: movies, sexual positions, entire genres of film.
"I can't stand this song anymore. My ex-girlfriend Brondonized it."

"The posers at Hot Topic are trying to Brondonize Iron Maiden. Bastards."
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
A general-use, meaningless insult used by a kid who is a colossal tool and obsessed with hentai. Though he claims it means something, I am pretty certain it doesn't outside of some hentai movie or Irondequoit High School.
Stefan: Oh, I got a date.

Me: With who? Sailor Moon?

Stefan: Oh, shut up! Potator!

Me: What the fuck does that mean?
by Natepalm October 19, 2003

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