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3 definitions by Nate The Great

The definition of the "Winamp Pro" is one who masturbates to the free porn that can be viewed on winamp's internet tv.
Last night I opened Winamp and was a Winamp Pro!
by Nate The Great March 31, 2005
When an unfortunate event such as being knock down and the person who "knock you down" said sorry, you would say Dude, It's Fine.

This also can be use to piss someone off like Cool Story Bro.
Dude 1: I'm sorry for running over your cat.
Dude 2: Dude, It's Fine she have 8 more lives.

Dude 1: Why the hell would you like her that I thought you were going to to put in a good word for me.
Dude 2: Dude, It's Fine.
Dude 1: No, It's not fucking fine!
by Nate the Great April 05, 2012
lunch meat that isn't really meat
something smells like bologna in here
by nate the great April 19, 2004