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V: to gloshnic
N: a gloshnic
Adj: is gloshnic
Adv: gloshnicly
"I think I'm going to gloshnic down to Burger King and order a gloshnic."
"Don't dude! That stuff's gloshnic!"
"It's alright; I took a gloshnicly amount of drugs two seconds ago! I'm gonna die, anyways!"
by NaruandKane April 25, 2009
(n)One's father from the interwebs
I knew that my relationship with my websire went afoul when I woke up the next day in the trunk of his Chevy and we were heading to Mexico.
by NaruandKane August 08, 2009
1: an exclamation of win
2: The sound effect a glasses case makes when it opens
"Poowah! Headshot!"
"The gloshnic case opened with a flourishing 'poowah!'"
by NaruandKane April 26, 2009
n: One who fails
"It would have been an awesome night if it wasn't for the failmunch at the drive through who gave us 400lbs of sauce packets...."
"Only a failmunch can fail at walking a straight line sober."
by NaruandKane September 28, 2009
1: The French equivalent to failsauce
2: The Canadian equivalent to failsauce
Vous:"Je suis plein!"
by NaruandKane April 26, 2009
1: An amazing band that loves wolves on their album art
2: A band that suffers from the curse known as bad sound mixer
"I went to go see Sonata Arctica at The Palladium!"
"How was it?"
"I must violence the sound mixer...."
by NaruandKane April 26, 2009

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