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A blue blooded heiress from Santa Barbara. The Sedgwicks also had a history of mental illness, alcoholism and suicide. She spent her teen years in Silver Hill or Bloomingdale Hospital. Her parents forced her into mental institutions and electroshock therapy. She dropped out of Cambridge University to pursue a modeling career in New York. Fell with the Warhol crowd. Almost burnt down the Chelsea Hotel. She died of a barbiturate overdose at the age of 28. To many, she summarized what it meant to be young, beautiful and carefree.

A movie "Factory Girl" starring Sienna Miller is said to be in works about Edie's life. Most likely it will exploit Edie and she will have her faced spashed on shirts in Hot Topic.
Paris Hilton wishes she was half as cool as Edie Sedgwick.
by Naomi55 August 06, 2005

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