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A girl who is very down to earth that everyone loves. she has a gorgeous body that both men and women admire. she likes to play the field more than get into a relationship with any one. she is an amazing kisser and is always having her share of juicy hookup stories. she is very seductive and can sexually tease some one without meaning to. she is very confortable with other females and speaks her mind. she has the funnest group of friends and you often become obsessive over her and making her happy. she has her negative days and often reconizes them. She can fit in with just about any group you put her in. She is more concerned of having a good time than what others think of her. She is tough to handle and can often become out of control. she is talked about on a regular basis and is difficult to get off the mind. she goes with the flow. she loves to joke around and is envyed by many.
guy1- "damnnn look at that body on lindsey"

Guy2- "shes got a nicee ass and big beautiful boobs"

guy1- "she is so chill any guy would be lucky to have her"

guy2- "she's loves hooking up go get some!"
by NameProfessions June 21, 2010

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