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1. A humble, yet funloving individual whom of which rides skateboards in empty swimming pools and surfs waves in any/all oceans throughout the world.

2. A person that is secure enough of their self to openly make fun of their self, character, etc.

3. (adj.) A common word used to describe a typical surfer or someone that surfs.
"Look at that guy over there laughing his arse off... he's just sumdumsurfer."
by Name witheld April 10, 2004
1. a rather dreadful chemical used in warfare situations.

2. a VERY good punk band from the early 80s that still plays to this day.

3. the best mix of punk rock and surf 60s era surf music EVER.
"Agent Orange ROCKED last night, at The Vault in Long Beach!"
by name witheld January 07, 2005
1. something that stinks both literally and in the metaphoric sense.

2. dried up fecal matter that accrues on one's anal region or cavity.

3. see: dingleberry.

4. that of which is not good, bogus, lame, or any other undesirable state of being.
Ray: "Dude, I just got fired! That's SO dagus wafer!"

Mark: "Oh, man... that totally sucks, dude. I'm bummed for ya. Your boss is beyond dagus wafer for doing that."
by name witheld January 07, 2005
1. a perpendicular or very steep descent of the water of a stream.

2. something resembling a waterfall.

3. a perpendicular or somewhat steep descent of bottom of a swimming pool, or another bowl made for skateboarding. used mostly for allowing experienced skateboarders to develop more speed and flow while riding said pools and/or bowls.

4. the type of skateboard terrain that is gayrab's biggest fear. one of many fears of the Southern California manatee.
"It's very interesting to note that E. Groff is still harboring ill feelings towards people whom of which favor skating waterfalls. He needs to grow up, learn how to skate, and quit his everday drivel and whining."
by name witheld June 17, 2004
ute (yoot or oot) 1. lame way of referring to kids or youth, usually used by kooks.

2. mating call of a pregnant yak.

3. the sound an old worn out car makes just before it dies.

Kook: "See that ute over there, skating the pool? I've known him since he was a little ute."

Other kook: "Wow. You are so impressive with your wordy sentences."
by name witheld October 29, 2005
1. a person that's insecure with their existence, and by their own virtue, they feel the need to blatantly spew ilk and diatribe about other people that are otherwise innocent.

2. also see: keyboardracer, gayrab, Ablab, & namedrop.
Dude: "Ha! Ha! Ha! Did you see Gayrab get knocked out the other day?"

Other Dude: "Yeppers! That's what he gets for being a blowhard."
by Name Witheld August 04, 2004
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